Network Changes for 2017

We have some new and exciting network changes in progress for this year. We’ll provide progress updates as we normally do, but here’s the quick summary of what’s happening.

  • A new 10G port for AS11170 to Hurricane Electric will be turned up once their POP comes online. TahoeIX will also gain a separate 10G peering to AS6939.
  • A new 1G peering connection to SFMIX in San Fransisco. Roller Network will gain a direct connection to the San Francisco Bay Area with many new peers. We at AS11170 will openly peer at TahoeIX and SFMIX.
  • Hurricane Electric will also become an option for all colocation customers on a carrier neutral basis through cross connects. Like other carriers, colo customers can contract directly with Hurricane for services.
  • Our connection to Charter/Spectrum AS20115 will be disconnected at some point this year. We could not reach an agreement to retain it because our current assigned account manager failed to engage us appropriately when placed in a position of competing against the multiple carrier options available at our facility. This is an unfortunate departure from the cooperative/assistive approach our old account manager held with us. We have lowered localpref on AS20115 prefixes accordingly.

We’re excited to bring new connectivity options from Hurricane Electric to Reno and look forward to implementing these changes. Although we are a carrier neutral facility, we will encourage customers who are not previously familiar with Hurricane Electric to give them a look as a new entrant into our local area.

Shutdown of


Virbl was a project of which the idea was born during the RIPE-48 meeting in May 2004. The plan was to get reports of virusscanning mailservers and put the IP-addresses that were reported to send viruses on a blacklist. Since the start, a number of trusted notifiers participated and over the next 10 years Virbl was a great addition to fighting back virus mails on the internet.

However, the internet changed, the techniques used to filter virus mails changed, trusted notifiers stopped reporting about incoming virusses and Virbl became more and more obsolete. This prompted us to decide to ‘pull the plug’ on the project after 12 years of operation.

The Virbl-project site has been replaced by this static message to inform those that find their ways here. The Virbl DNSBL-zone was emptied and will be removed all together at a moment further on in the future. Please remove any DNSBL-lookups against ‘’ from your e-mail configurations. AS-operators will no longer receive the so called ‘Virbl AS-reports’ and it will no longer be possible to look up evidence. Mail sent to the ‘’ domain will be tossed in the endless vacuum called /dev/null.

Please remove any DNSBL-lookups against ‘’ from your e-mail configurations.

Accordingly, we have removed all entries for “” from DNSBL configurations.

Special Office Hours Jan 8th 2016 for Flood Affected Customers

Roller Network’s colocation facility is not located in a flood risk area; our activities related to the flood in Sparks are only to assist our customers in affected areas.

UPDATE (13:34): Other than a possible power outage no impact is expected to our POP in Sparks. All of the customers it serves are idle/evacuated at this point. Sparks has now closed roads for 24 hours. Our special office hours today will now end as well; customers should use the hotline if needed.

We will have special office hours this morning, Sunday, January 8th until 1PM local time in order to potentially assist our customers affected by (or potentially affected by) flooding in Sparks, NV. If you are a Roller Network customer and need to temporarily relocate servers or other equipment needed for your business to maintain operations, emergency temporary colocation will be available at our facility.

After 1PM local time the City of Sparks plans to close all road access to the flood risk areas and no traffic will be allowed into the area. As such, we expect any emergency requests from customers will have been satisfied before this time, and we will not be able to go into the closed area for emergency service calls after 1PM.

Roller Network does operate one POP in the closed area which we’ll inspect before the roads are closed, but current maps do not show its location as a flood risk and it’s equipment is mounted several feet above ground level. The biggest risk will be loss of power and UPS discharge since we won’t be able to make it into the area to connect a generator, but since it only serves customers in the closed area the expected impact to operations is minimal to none.

Mail: Return of Cloudmark Authority

We’re adding Cloudmark Authority back into our system for mail filtering. The CMAE_1 rule for SpamAssassin will return and new features for the account control center will be developed. (See our previous announcement here.)

The difference this time around is that we’re not using a SpamAssassin integration. We’re integrating it directly into our content filtering module which is account control center aware and SpamAssassin is configured to look for the presence of a header added if a message is determined to be spam.

More updates to come.

UPDATE (Dec. 23, 2016): Scoring is now enabled. The CMAE_1 rule is currently configured with a score of 1 if detected as spam and X-CMAE-* headers will be added for all messages. We may change the default score in the future. You can adjust the CMAE_1 score in the SpamAssassin preferences section of the control center, if desired.

Advanced Business Broadband is Coming in 2017

UPDATE:  As of January 2017 work on this new service has been suspended until further notice. The license holder of the band we needed to lease from may no longer be issuing leases at this time. Rollernet was supposed to obtain spectrum leases in December 2016 to compliment our equipment purchase, but the license holder has not followed through with a lease agreement as of January 17th. Unfortunately without a spectrum lease we can’t operate equipment and we must regretfully suspend work.

We recently finalized plans to start work on a new service we’re calling “Advanced Business Broadband”. This service will fill the middle gap in our business internet options which are currently offered as “basic” or “dedicated internet access”.

Advanced Business Broadband will be available with the following tiers: 20×20, 50×50, 100×100, 150×150, and 200×200. Pricing is expected to be between $400 and $800 per month. Like dedicated internet access this is a licensed service that enjoys the same protections, low latency, high speed, and true symmetric bandwidth with a service level agreement. Advanced business broadband also comes with all the benefits of local content from peers on TahoeIX plus new peers like Hurricane Electric which will continue to enhance our customer’s connectivity to the world beyond what other ISPs in Reno/Sparks that don’t peer at TahoeIX are able to offer.

This will also help companies that want to colocate equipment solve the “last mile” problem: a quality connection is needed to take advantage of the protections that local colocation offers to their business servers, but don’t want to (or can’t) pay the high prices other providers want to charge for a connection back to our facility.


Our planned coverage area consists of the majority of the commercial and industrial areas in Reno and Sparks along the Truckee River and I-80 corridor and east of US-395. Right now we’re targeting February 2017 for early deployments, which if equipment arrives in January will allow us to do burn in and development testing for 30 days before releasing it to the early adopters. These timeframes are tentative: actual dates will depend on when we start receiving equipment.

As things progress we’ll post updates to our Twitter account @RollernetNV so follow us for the latest news. If you’re interested in being an early adopter send an email to to register your interest. We’re planning on offering some discounts and incentives for early adopters.

Disclaimer: Advanced business broadband is still in the development stages. We may need to tweak plans, pricing, SLAs, or coverage once we actually have equipment in hand.