More Atom Dedicated Servers

DCP_2654 A new batch of dedicated servers arrived! These are the Intel Atom 330 dual-core version with 2GB of RAM and 320GB hard drives. The six pictured to the left are on the workbench undergoing burn-in testing, which consists of at least 48 hours of memtest86+ and a week of active stress testing before releasing them for customer use.

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I love these things, esp. with 80+ rated PSUs. Hope they make an ION based SuperMicro mainboard to bump up the available ram.

FYI, if you haven’t had a chance to play with the new IPMI Atom boards, the IPMI supports IPv6. However it appears to only really work with DHCPv6 or RA+autoconfiguration. I crammed a static ip with /64 mask into it but can’t set the default v6 gateway. However it was reachable locally on the LAN from other machines in the /64.

Since I’m segregating IPMI connectivity from the OS’ I’ll probably set up a restricted DHCPv6/RA announcement on the IPMI vlan on the switch. Probably means it gets it’s own /64 and goes through some hardware to provide DHCPv6/RA. I’ve been emailing SM about it and some other now resolved issues (boards came with IPMI firmware 1.29, SM gave me as-of-yet-unreleased 1.30), but so far no comment on static IPv6 assignments in the IPMI config.

We had a new colo customer bring in a newly purchased Atom server and had a chance to play with it a bit before it was installed. It was quite impressive; kudos to Supermicro. The customer was set up dual stack so they’ll be using in in the future as well (although their current ISP doesn’t support IPv6, but it doesn’t hurt for us to be ahead of the game).

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