Dedicated Servers Update

We’ve recently posted an update to our dedicated servers offering. There were two changes in the bandwidth offerings: metered bandwidth and “bring your own” bandwidth.

The metered bandwidth option is offered as an alternative to the standard fixed rate and burstable port options by using a metered monthly allowance at a base price point. (Usage over the base rate is charged extra.) Most providers offer one or the other, so we decided to offer both and let you choose whichever one you feel more comfortable with. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your application.

We also decided to try something new and open up dedicated servers to a “bring your own” bandwidth offering. With this option, you will be responsible for purchasing your own circuit and ordering it to terminate on one of our fiber muxes. We will install a cross connect between the telco room and the server. This is useful if you want to choose your own provider, or bring in a point-to-point circuit.