Discounted Atom 330 1.60GHz Dedicated Servers

UPDATE: As of late May 2012 all available Atom 330 dedicated servers have been sold out and we will not be redeploying them. Customers with existing Atom 330 servers will continue to be supported.

Earlier this year we quietly removed the Atom 330 1.60GHz Dedicated Server option from our standard lineup since it’s been discontinued by the manufacturer, but we still have a handful of them in our racks. Rather than see these still very capable servers go to waste we’ve marked down the monthly by 20% and the setup by 50% with the following conditions:

  • No custom configurations are available, only what’s already in the rack: 320GB drive with 2GB of RAM.
  • One static IPv4 address (/30) and IPv6 /64 on a 5Mbps commit.
  • You must install your own operating system. Since the Atom 330 doesn’t have built-in IP KVM like the D510 and higher we will temporarily attach an external IP KVM for you to install it within 24 hours (remember to set up the standard serial console for emergency OOB access once we remove the IP KVM).
  • Availability is first-come first-serve with prepayment of the setup fee to reserve it. We have a limited number of IP KVM devices to loan out in order to install an operating system. Email us at our sales address to reserve a spot.
  • If you are an existing Rollernet customer with at least six months of billable services in good standing you can: take an additional 5% off as long as you continue to have another billable service with us or refer a new customer to this offer for a one year term we’ll credit your account for $40 off your next invoice after they pay their third month (but if they break the term early we’ll reverse the credit so make sure it’s someone you trust).

If you’ve always wanted your very own server with an OS of your choosing instead of being stuck with a prepackaged virtual server now’s your chance to try a dedicated server. Atom 330 servers are still very capable for a variety of workloads, as a personal server, or someplace to store remote backups (such as an rsync server with full drive encryption; you can get dedicated, secure private storage at a lower price than shared “cloud” storage).

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