July, 2009:

Atom Server Arrival


The first Intel Atom based dedicated server hardware sample has arrived! This server has an 80GB hard drive, 1.6GHz single core processor (64bit with HyperThreading), and 2GB of RAM. We know it’s not too exciting to read a list of specs, so we have pictures. Click on the images for the full resolution version.



Domain Registration

We are occasionally asked if we can do domain registrations or transfers, and yes, we do offer domain registrations as a courtesy service although it’s not something we promote. If you’re interested in registering or transferring your domain name with us, please contact us for current registry prices. We can’t beat pricing of the big shops that sell at a loss and hope you buy their other services, but we can provide you with a better customer service experience.

We offer domain name registration as a value added service for the following TLDs: .com .net .org .biz .info .name .asia .be .ca .cc .de .es .eu .me .mobi .tel .tv .us .at .bz .ch .com.mx .dk .fr .it .li .mx .nl .cn .com.cn .net.cn .org.cn .co.uk .ltd.uk .me.uk .net.uk .org.uk .plc.uk

Whois privacy is available at no extra charge.

Verizon OC-12 Up, Construction Update

IMAG0040The Verizon OC-12 circuit is now up and running. They’re still working on provisioning the circuit and bringing the diverse links to the Overture up. From there we’ll take an Ethernet handoff.

We’re slightly behind schedule with the city of Reno taking two months to issue a permit for minor changes; we had expected to be able to start moving in and preparing the space for our equipment on the 15th, and the contractor just started this morning. Now we’re expecting to start moving the first week of August.

Reseller Program Returns

We’ve finished the changes required to reactivate the reseller program and returned it to service. We added a few new options to it, most notably custom logo branding and administrative log in, but otherwise it’s pretty much unchanged on the surface.

System Maintenance Notice, ID#340


This is just a reminder that tomorrow (July 11, 2009) between 11:00 and 12:00 local time (UTC-8) we will be performing system maintenance on our master database server. During this time the account control center will be unavailable. No other services will be affected. For complete details and updates as it progresses, please see System Maintenance Notice, ID#340 on the forums. We will be adding an HP StorageWorks MSA direct attached array and E500 controller with 15k SAS drives to increase the table space storage capacity.