February, 2010:

Generator Maintenance

On Wednesday, February 24 at 08:00 UTC-8 a technician from the local Cat dealer will be on site to load bank and test our generator.

Verizon; Still No Progress

It’s been a while since we posted a Verizon update. The last time we had contact with them was at the end of December, and we recently learned that as of Friday (02-12-2010) that no progress has been made in re-provisioning the circuit to match what was ordered. The latest roadblock is that there isn’t any capacity at the San Jose hub for us. This has become the longest attempt at a new circuit turn-up that we have ever had the displeasure to experience.

New: “Allow Content Filter” option for Additional Mail Sources

Because all mail retrieved using the Additional Mail Sources feature appear to be coming from trusted internal sources, by default all filters (except anti-virus) are automatically whitelisted. You may now choose to re-enable the SpamAssassin content filter by setting Allow Content Filter option to “Yes”.

AT&T Fiber Installation, Part 2

AT&T arrived this morning to pull the fiber. The next step is for for splicer to come out.

AT&T Fiber in our telco room.

24 strand fiber optic cable.

Feb. 8 Update

AT&T splice van across the street.

Feb. 9 Update

Splicing vans in our parking lot.

AT&T is working at the last manhole in our parking lot today, so we’re guessing they’re going to be getting to our telco room shortly.

Feb. 9 Update #2

AT&T came over to terminate the fiber in our telco room, but apparently a subcontractor was supposed to have already placed a rack for them, which didn’t happen. After a few calls it was determined they will be here on Tuesday, Feb. 16 Wednesday, Feb. 17. (The date was moved back on Feb. 12.)

New: Password Change in Webmail

We’ve added provisions to change a hosted mail box password (and its matching outbound account) through both of the webmail clients.