February 1st, 2010:

Send Mail Using IPv6!

If you’re feeling brave and have IPv6 connectivity, you can now submit mail to our Outbound Mail service (SMTP AUTH) over IPv6 by connecting to “smtpauth6.rollernet.us”. All of the same ports and TLS available under IPv4 also apply as we have simply dual-stacked the service. Please see “Submitting Outbound Mail via IPv6” on the forums for current limitations.

As far as we’re aware, Roller Network one of the very few – maybe even the first – provider in our arena to enable IPv6 for transport-level SMTP. This is quite a bit more substantial than simply making a website IPv6 available, so please send us feedback if you try it.

A new IPv6 section has also been added to the forums.

Temporary Removal of Outbound Account (AUTH) Logs

We are temporarily removing the “Outbound Account (AUTH) Logs” mail log view in order to implement the first phase of revamping these logs to once again become useful. Other mail logs will not be affected. Once complete the outbound account logs will be by their AUTH name instead of domain name.

The ultimate goals of this rewrite are to add IPv6 support and tracking of message status as returned by the recipient’s mail server.