March 10th, 2010:

UPS Maintenance

A factory technician from Eaton Powerware will be on site Friday, March 12 in an attempt to track down a harmonic distortion issue that is conflicting with the voltage regulator in our generator. Because of the nature of any major UPS maintenance, there is an inherent risk that the critical load may be dropped during transfers to and from maintenance bypass. We will closely monitor our facility during this time.

[20100312 11:37] We have switched to maintenance bypass.

[20100312 15:03] Maintenance bypass has been switched off, however we will be switching to generator for testing.

[20100312 17:05] Back on normal. We will be performing a one-hour “lights out” test later tonight to simulate a utility failure and allow the system to perform automatically.

[20100317 18:00] All tests were successful.

Sprint DS3 Turn Up

We are scheduled to have our supplemental Sprint DS3 start passing traffic on Thursday, March 11 after 13:00 UTC-8. The circuit is currently up, however its BGP neighbor is not active. We do not anticipate any negative impact from this event.

[Mar. 11, 13:10] Turn up was successful and the DS3 is now passing traffic. Time to completion was approximately 8 minutes.