July, 2010:

Roller Network Hosting NCET’s Tech Wednesday

Roller Network is pleased to host NCET, Reno Tahoe’s premier technology and entrepreneurial networking event, for Tech Wednesday on August 18, 2010. For more information on this event or to RSVP please visit:


Global Crossing IPv6 In Service

We are pleased to announce that our native IPv6 connection to Global Crossing is now officially in service. It’s actually been in service since June, but there were a few changes that had to be made before we could make it official.

DNS Exit Breaks IPv6

We were troubleshooting DNS for a customer who has the domains hosted over at DNS Exit over the last couple of days and couldn’t seem to nail down why we here at Rollernet couldn’t resolve their DNS reliably, if at all. After much extended testing, we eventually tested from a site that was IPv4 only and discovered this:

ns1.dnsexit.com.        28800   IN      A
ns1.dnsexit.com.        28800   IN      AAAA    ::1
ns2.dnsexit.com.        59400   IN      A
ns2.dnsexit.com.        59400   IN      AAAA    ::1
ns3.dnsexit.com.        57600   IN      A
ns3.dnsexit.com.        57600   IN      AAAA    ::1
ns4.dnsexit.com.        57600   IN      A
ns4.dnsexit.com.        57600   IN      AAAA    ::1

There’s the problem: delegations to the IPv6 loopback address. This is not something we would ever expect to see. It can, in fact, be damaging because an IPv6 resolver may try to query itself (localhost). As such, we are strongly recommending to all of our customers (plus anyone in general who is interested in working with IPv6 or may use an IPv6 network) to stay clear of DNS Exit at this time.

We try not to recommend one provider over another, but in this instance the localhost AAAA delegations are too egregious of an error to ignore. As far as we are aware only DNS Exit does this, so any of their competitors should be a suitable replacement.

New: Alternate IP Filters for Outbound Mail

Our outbound accounts have long been configurable with one IPv4 and one IPv6 address or host name lookup (A or AAAA). A couple weeks ago a situation was brought to our attention that caused a conflict: end sites with a different failover IP. In order for these sites to work, you’d have to log in and change the filter to the failover IP and then back again later to the primary IP.

To fix this we have just released a new addition of an alternate IP filter setting for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Alternate IP Filter Settings

This setting works in conjunction with the original primary filter setting to specifically resolve the issue of business customer sites with a failover circuit, and is available on accounts with a service level of Standard and above.

VeriSign Price Increases

Effective July 1, 2010, VeriSign has increased the pricing for .com and .net registrations. As such, our new prices for these domains will be:

.com    $11.60
.net    $9.50

Only these two VeriSign TLDs are affected. All others remain unchanged.