August, 2010:

6to4 Relay Activated

Roller Network has activated a 6to4 relay on one of our border routers.

We have several customers using 6to4 addresses, so instead of relying on public relays for this traffic we will now originate it ourselves. Scanning through the logs and performing a traceroute/ping on several of them revealed working connectivity, but in the event of any trouble with 6to4 addresses, please report it to us.

POTS Line Work

We will be doing some unplanned work on our POTS lines throughout the day. Our call volume is typically extremely low and while we will endeavor to keep interruptions to a minimum, if you do happen to call us with a “ring no answer” please wait a few minutes try again. No services will be affected other than our main voice phone number.

UPDATE: This work has been completed. (16:41)

Invoice Numbering Change

We’re changing the format of our invoice numbers to make them friendlier for our customers. For a long time we’ve used the format “Rxxxxxx” where the R was followed by a unique identifier. In practice, however, it’s not the most popular format: it’s long, contains letters, and it’s hard to read back over the phone. As such, invoices will now be generated using a simple number as their invoice ID.

  • Old Format: #R4c1a8a99b4ada
  • New Format: #10000

Our testing hasn’t turned up any problems, but there’s always a chance when making a change to a very old system that something can be overlooked. If you notice any problems with these new numbers please let us know immediately. Thanks!

Minor ACC Changes

We’ve moved a couple of the items around on the main menu of the account control center:

  • The “Mail Domain Tests” and “Service Alerts” items were previously under the Tools section, these are now under Mail Services.
  • The “Server Information” page is now part of “My Account”

Certainly not major changes, but if you’ve become accustomed to seeing these under the Tools section we didn’t deleted them from the system.