February, 2011:

Password Change Enhancements (Mail Box and Outbound)

We’ve made some enhancements to the password change pages for both Outbound accounts and hosted mail boxes. The account control center will now look for a matching outbound or mail box account by name and give you the option to apply the new password to both in one step.

The New Password Change Page

Also, we’ve added a random password generator button that will fill in a random 10 character password each time it’s clicked. There is no requirement to use the random passwords it generates and you can still edit it before applying the new password.

Banning AUTH Connections with Blank Login

We’ve started banning connections by IP address into our SMTP AUTH service that are making excessive connection requests with blank login names. This came about after we noticed multiple IP addresses flooding our server by attempting to connect once a second without ever attempting to send a login name. We consider this abusive as it wastes server resources that can be used to process legitimate connections.

Ehnancements to Mail Forwarding Management

We’ve made the following enhancements to the Mail Forwarding management section of the account control center:

  • A source search function has been added. Entering a search term will limit the displayed maps to those matching the search term.
  • Email address and mail box forwarding types are now displayed intermixed; previously they were grouped by type and sorted separately.

Annual UPS Inspection

Eaton will be on site on Wednesday, February 23 at 08:30 local time to perform the annual inspection on our UPS system. No potentially intrusive actions will be taken. If any corrective maintenance is deemed necessary during the inspection, it will be deferred until an appropriate time.

UPDATE: The annual inspection was completed without any noted issues. All battery strings passed load testing.

Free Serial Console Ports

We’re now including the serial console option for free on our dedicated servers. Previously this option was an additional $10, but we decided to just include it as a value added service rather than charge extra for it.

The serial console option allows access to BOIS and pre-boot settings, and in conjunction with a switched outlet (also included at no extra cost), provides a comprehensive suite of remote management options.