September, 2011:

Internal Server Maintenance this Weekend

This weekend we’re going to be building a new server for the internal system that runs Asterisk for our office and the Request Tracker ticketing system that handles email for role accounts (like support and billing). Although the current server is still faithfully running with its original Athlon with 786MB of RAM, it’s starting to show its age (RT runs exceptionally slow) and the time has come to give it a forklift upgrade. As such, messages set to support, billing, and sales will be monitored manually (we’re using Mail Mirror on our domain) but they won’t get the usual auto response until after the new server is back online. Our office will also be unavailable by phone during the upgrade, although we rarely receive any calls on the weekends.

The new server we’re building for this upgrade will be an Intel Xeon X3430 with 8GB of DDR3 RAM on a Supermicro¬†X8SIL-F motherboard in a 4U case instead of a 1U since we need to install multiple cards for Asterisk and the drive array controller.

UPDATE: We’ve finished restoring all of the major services and we’re working on the rest of the clean up.

New Feature: Primary DNS Update Multiple Zones

We’ve added a multi-domain tool to Primary DNS that allows updates for simple record types to be easily changed for multiple zones. For example, this feature can be used as a “find and replace” to update an IP addresses or its TTL wherever a match is found (within selected domains). Record types supported are: A, AAAA, MX, NS, TXT, SPF, CNAME, and PTR. To access this feature click on the “Update Multiple Zones” button on the Primary DNS page in the account control center.

Primary DNS multiple zone update examples.

Primary DNS multiple zone update examples.

New Options for Outbound Mail

We’ve added two new advanced options for Outbound Mail accounts:

  • Allow identities on single-user account
  • Allow any valid subdomain

These advanced options allow¬† some of the restrictions on single-user and any-user type accounts to be modified. The first one allows the “left hand side” to vary on single-user accounts (such as for identities). The second one allows matching subdomains of the configured domain to be accepted as valid. The default setting for these options is disabled, which preserves the original behavior of the account types.

New identity options for Outbound Mail accounts.

New identity options for Outbound Mail accounts.

New Main Website

If you’re visiting the main website at today (and in the future) it’s possible that you’ve noticed it’s now sporting an entirely new design.

Phone System Bug Fixed

We tracked down and fixed an intermittent bug in our Asterisk dialplan where a call could be dropped when using one of the group dial options (i.e. “press 2 for sales”). The issue was that one of our internal IAX peers was answering and dropping the call if it couldn’t establish a SIP channel rather than sending unavailable/congestion. We’ve altered our dialplan to send congestion explicitly when warranted.

This issue did not affect the 24-hour pager option since it always goes directly to a special voicemail box rather than a group dial, nor were direct dial extensions affected.