November, 2011:

Celebrating Two Years of Uptime

Roller Network is pleased to celebrate our two year mark at our Reno, NV facility on November 22, 2009. Over the last two years our facility has successfully carried out its mission of providing a carrier-class colocation datacenter service to the Northern Nevada region in addition to our worldwide customers who rely on our classic mail services.

Thank you to all of our customers who continue to support us: it is because of your support that we are able to continue to maintain our facility to such standards.

New Dedicated Server SSD Option

We are now offering an industrial-grade 8GB SLC solid state disk drive (internal SATA) option for our dedicated servers.

Due to reliability issues with USB flash and the difficulty in obtaining a suitable long-term supply of them, we are discontinuing the “Internal 4GB USB Flash” options. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanksgiving Holiday 2011

Roller Network will be observing the Thanksgiving holiday on November 24th and 25th. During an observed holiday technical support response times may vary depending on the service level. Our next regular business day will be on November 28th.

Q&A: “Do your walls extend past the ceiling?”

One question we’re frequently asked on tours is if our walls extend (or “cut”) past the false ceiling. The answer is yes; all of our walls extend the full height up to the floor of our mezzanine level, and the remaining overhead spaces are too narrow for someone bypass doors by going through the ceiling. At the same time, we do not permit unescorted site access.

Full walls cutting the false ceiling.

Many times businesses will save money on construction costs by only building up to the bottom of a false ceiling, but since our facility is an integral part of our services we always opt to cut the ceiling. We also dress overhead wiring with d-rings even though it’s hidden.

Overhead wire dressing.

Dedicated Server Updates, Price Reductions

We’re making a few updates to the Roller Network dedicated server lineup:

  • The Pentium G6950 with 4GB of RAM ($109) will no longer be available.
  • The Intel Core i3-540 with 8GB of RAM will now be available for $121 (old price $149).
  • Prices on the Xeon X3440, Opteron 6134, and Opteron 6174 options are being lowered by $10 each.
  • The price for the “Add-in PCIe SATA/SAS RAID card w/BBU” is being raised $5 from $34 to $39; unfortunately the original model we were using is no longer readily available.

The Core i3-540 makes a great alternative to the discontinued Pentium G6950. With the Core i3-540 you get Hyper-Threading, more cache (4MB vs. 3MB), a faster clock speed (3.06 GHz vs. 2.8 GHz), and more memory bandwidth (21 GB/s vs. 17 GB/s) for only $12 more than the old G6950 option. On top of that, the new price for the Core i3-540 option is over $300 per year in savings!

Dedicated servers are still a noteworthy option in today’s cloud-buzzword market by offering exclusive use of known computing resources (CPU, RAM, and disk I/O) at a fixed price. Whole-disk encryption can be leveraged with remote KVM to require an encryption pass phrase at boot time for additional security and peace of mind. Multiple dedicated servers can even be used as the building blocks for your own private cloud!