December, 2011:

Mac Mini Colocation

We’ve added the Apple Mac Mini back to our colocation page on the main website.

Mac Mini Colocation

The original news post is here, but the quick summary is: you get space for one Mini, IPv4 subnet on a private VLAN, 3 Mbps of commit, and a remote control power outlet.

UPDATE: Minimum commit included with all colocations is now 5Mbps with 95th percentile burstable as an option.

IPv6 with Android Mail App

We recently noticed a problem with the “Mail” app on Android phones failing to send mail when the phone has an IPv6 connection (either via Wi-Fi or 4G LTE). The problem was traced to the Mail app sending an improperly formatted IPv6 literal in the EHLO command. We’ve updated our outbound mail service to account for this discrepancy.

RFC2821 defines and IPv6 address literals as such:

address-literal = "[" IPv4-address-literal /
                      IPv6-address-literal /
                      General-address-literal "]"

IPv6-address-literal = "IPv6:" IPv6-addr

The Android Mail app is omitting the “IPv6:” string in its literals.