January, 2012:

Nevada/California Streaming Weather Radio

One of our “for fun” projects we recently completed was to add online streaming audio for the two NOAA Weather Radio stations we are able to receive. By utilizing a pair of handheld Midland weather radios tuned to stations WXK58 and WWG20 feeding to our web servers, we are able to offer these live streams on our website. Additionally, we are sending these audio feeds to Weather Underground. These stations also cover some of our nearby neighbors to the west in California.

You can find to these streams online at: http://rollernet.us/wxradio

Whether you’re a local listener or just curious, feel free to listen in.

New AMD Opteron 6136 and 6128 Options

The AMD Opteron 6134 dedicated server option is no longer available due to CPU availability through our normal channels. In its place we now have two new single-socket 8-core dedicated server options: the AMD Opteron 6136 2.4GHz and Opteron 6128 2.0GHz. Any orders in progress for a 6134 will automatically upgraded to a 6136 at no cost.

Dedicated Server Availability from Hard Drive Shortage

Due to hard drive shortages some dedicated server work orders may be delayed. Hard drives for pending dedicated server orders will be on a first-come first-serve basis. At this time we have multiple backorders for hard drives pending fulfillment. Our primary supplier is currently estimating drive availability between February 4th and the 16th, however, they have also indicated these dates may slip later into the month.

Last year’s flooding in Thailand severely impacted hard drive supplies due a global reliance on factories that were directly impacted by flooding. This has caused channel shortfalls, dramatic price increases on remaining stock, and purchase quantity limitations in some cases. While we are doing our best to fulfill requests in a timely manner with what we have available and keep spares in stock to meet our responsibilities to existing customers, some delays may be unavoidable.

Please contact us for specifics on dedicated servers as not all configurations are impacted equally, and some still have immediate availability.

Atom D525 Dedicated Server

We’ve added the Atom D525 to our dedicated server lineup. Mostly comparable to the D510 option, the D525 adds DDR3 memory and has a faster 1.8GHz CPU clock speed. For details see the dedicated servers page on our website.

Mail/DNS “Professional” Service Level Changes

We’re modifying the “Professional” level of our Mail/DNS service lineup:

  • Professional will be repriced to $149/mo.
  • Professional Plus has been discontinued.

All customers that have existing Professional level services will remain unchanged as long as it continues to be renewed on time, including service levels that have been discontinued. However, as of this announcement we are no longer accepting new subscriptions to the discontinued Professional Plus.