March, 2017:

Secondary DNS Minor Updates: auto-enable and NOTAUTH

We’ve made a couple minor updates to the Secondary DNS system.

  • If we see a successful transfer, the back end will automatically send an “enable” flag to the account control center. This addresses a possible condition where a zone can become disabled between update runs due to an error that was fixed before the next run.
  • Secondary DNS zones will be automatically disabled if a NOTAUTH (not authoritative) response is received from the configured master. This is similar to the existing behavior of disabling on a REFUSED response. Our system must assume that if the master is not authoritative for a zone that we must not try to be a secondary, and it wastes resources to keep trying.

Emergency Maintenance Notice for Generator 1

Initial Notice: March 1 2017 @ 14:46

Generator 1 serving colocation Suite 1 and our business offices has experienced an engine controller fault which alerted through active monitoring. Diagnostics have been completed and a replacement controller will be expedited from Salt Lake City, but is not anticipated to arrive until Thursday, March 2. Suite 1 AC UPS runtime is approximately 80 minutes in the event of utility power failure.

Generator 2 serving colocation Suite 2 is a separate, unaffected system.

If you have any questions about your colocation please contact us through normal channels.

Progressive updates will be posted here.

UPDATE Thu Mar 2 16:10:04 PST 2017: The engine controller on generator 1 has been replaced and successfully tested.