New Choose Your Own Term Agreements

This month we launched new term agreement options where we’re letting our colocation customers choose their own term length and renewal options, replacing the usual practice of offering different price points for different term lengths.

The new choose your own term options will allow customers to choose either a 1-year term with a 10% annual escalation, 2-year term with a 6% annual escalation, a 3 to 5 year term with no annual escalations, and month to month. An option for automatic renewal will also be offered. We will quote a single price point for all options, which will be based on the previous the 3-year discounted pricing.

We wanted to try and do something “out of the box” that will make our quotes stand out when compared to others, and to stop tying financial incentives to term agreements which is common in our industry. Now with flexible term agreements we can empower our customers to choose a term that is the best fit for their business planning.

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