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IP Address Change for Mail Forwarding Servers

The IP addresses of our mail forwarding servers will be changing:

  • Old IPv4 Address:
  • Old IPv6 Address: 2607:fe70:0:16::a
  • NEW IPv4 Address:
  • NEW IPv6 Address: 2607:fe70:0:3::f
  • NEW Name:

  • Old IPv4 Address:
  • Old IPv6 Address: 2607:fe70:0:16::b
  • NEW IPv4 Address:
  • NEW IPv6 Address: 2607:fe70:0:4::f
  • NEW Name:

If you have created whitelists or used these servers in SPF records (we will update accordingly) please make sure to add the new addresses alongside the old addresses while this transition is in progress. Once completed, the old IP addresses will no longer be used for any mail-related functions.

CNAME records will be added pointing the legacy names to the new names, so it will be safe to continue referencing the old names.

If you are not using the Mail Forwarding functions in the account control center you will not be affected by this change. Log in to your account and see to check if you have mail forwarding configured.

The physical servers are being retired and their mail-related functions replaced with virtual machines. We’ll be repurposing the subnet for timing services since the forwarding servers were also used for NTP ( and installing Rubidium-based timing systems. This will ensure that functions that are more DNS friendly SMTP functions will transition smoothly, and NTP configurations which are normally configured by IP or only resolved in DNS once will continue with no impact.

UPDATE: All changes were completed successfully.

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