Wireless Internet

RollerNet Wireless Internet in Reno/Sparks

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to set up a radio tower to help out a tenant in a building situated in an industrial area about 6 miles north of us that’s under the same ownership as the building we lease space in. The area has extremely limited options for internet access – pretty much dialup and DSL that averaged around 2.5 meg. So we backhauled our network to them, set up a Metro Ethernet POP, and put up some sector antennas while we were at it. Although this isn’t something we originally set out to do, it’s well within our resources and skills to bring the same “rollernet experience” to internet access. This also allows us to offer some nifty features not normally found at your run-of-the-mill wireless ISP. Roller Network wireless features per-endpoint VLAN separation, native dual-stack IPv6, routed subnets (IPv4 and IPv6), static-only IP addressing, and even BGP peering/transit.

We’re not setting out to compete with the major incumbents in our area, but if you’re looking for something unique that a smaller outfit like us can offer we might be able to help. We don’t have city-wide coverage and we don’t plan to; don’t be alarmed that our Mail/DNS or colocation customers will receive anything less than the level of service we already offer. We’re most certainly not shifting our focus away from what we’ve been doing with Mail/DNS and colocation. We have no desire to turn Rollernet into one of those places that tries to offer everything while doing none of it well. Our service area is actually quite small with only two POPs, but it’s working out extremely well for those who are using it.

So, if you happen to be in our area and you’re interested in something new, give Roller Network a try.

Wireless Internet Access Expansion

We’ve added a “microcell” service area for our wireless internet access from the roof of our operations center. This service area is intended to cover our neighbors in most buildings near the following Reno streets: Airway Dr., Delucchi Ln., Barron Way, Louie Ln., Longley Ln., Maestro Dr., Double R Blvd. (between Longley and Maestro), Innovation Dr. and Reno Corporate Dr. A site survey is required to verify signal and line-of-sight; roof access is required.

This map shows the approximate service area:

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If you’re interested in upgrading from DSL or tired of paying for a T1 because there’s no other option, now there’s a microcell wireless option from Roller Network. Our wireless service features true per-customer VLAN separation, routed subnets, and native IPv6. Advanced features such as BGP are also supported, making it a perfect fit for a multihoming solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional copper or fiber.