Changes IPv6

Return of Outbound Account (AUTH) Logs

The logs for Outbound Accounts have returned!

We have added preliminary IPv6 support (display only, no CIDR searching yet) and our queue ID will now be logged if the message was accepted into the mail queue. Viewing is now by outbound account name instead of domain name, which means that submissions from “mail server” account types are now viewable in the logs.

Due to these changes there’s a new URL for the outbound account logs:

Changes Status

Temporary Removal of Outbound Account (AUTH) Logs

We are temporarily removing the “Outbound Account (AUTH) Logs” mail log view in order to implement the first phase of revamping these logs to once again become useful. Other mail logs will not be affected. Once complete the outbound account logs will be by their AUTH name instead of domain name.

The ultimate goals of this rewrite are to add IPv6 support and tracking of message status as returned by the recipient’s mail server.

Announcements Changes

New: Sieve Plugins and ‘managesieve’ Port 2000 Open

We have decided to allow managesieve (tcp port 2000) from external clients. This will allow external tools to log in to the sieve and manage it directly rather than relying on our web-based interface alone. (However, be aware that some clients have TLS incompatibilities that may cause login to fail.)

As such, we have also enabled the ‘managesieve’ plugin for Roundcube webmail and added Avelsieve to SquirrelMail webmail. These interfaces may also be used as an alternative to writing rules directly even if you don’t use webmail.


New: API mailbox “add” and SMTP “Trim Message (DATA) Size To”

We’ve added two new features: a “new” method for the API “mailbox” method so you can create new hosted mail box accounts through the API and a unique “Trim Message (DATA) Size To” to our mail services.

The “Trim Message (DATA) Size To” advanced option was added per request. It’s unique in that it allows you to set a hard size limit for incoming mail that our system will trim (truncate) to instead of rejecting large messages. It will break attachments and multipart messages that exceed the limit, but the untrimmed part of the message will still make it through. Mail mirroring and forwarding are not affected by the trim – only SMTP destinations.

For more information on these additions see the documentation:


API Update: Secondary DNS “list” Action

We’ve added a new action to the Secondary DNS called “list” per customer request. This action will simply list all Secondary DNS zones, their current status, and the master. See the API documentation for details.