Privacy Policy

Effective September 2016 all customers except Mail/DNS services activated online will be required to sign a Master Service Agreement which supersedes all terms and conditions shown here.

Customers that have not signed a Master Service Agreement will continue to be subject to these terms and conditions.

At the Roller Network we maintain a high commitment to the protection of our customer’s personal information. Any personal information collected through our services will never be sold, shared, rented, or disclosed to a third party. Any interaction with the Roller Network is performed primarily through the account control center.

Online activation of an account online requires collection and storage of the following information: email address.

In the course of normal operations Roller Network may collect some, but not all, of the following information: name, email address, company name, phone numbers, mailing address, fax numbers, IP addresses, DNS host names, domain names, port mappings, payment history, payment amounts, payment methods, dates of payments, credit card number, billing addresses, and services purchased.

This information is used in the account control center to provide services requested or initiated by the account holder.

Account Manager Registration

All services provided through the Roller Network are managed through our account control center. During registration we require an email address and a contact level of privacy. This information may be updated at any time through the account control center.

Payments for Services

In order to process payments for services rendered, the Roller Network may request information for billing purposes only. Account holders may pay for services directly or optionally through PayPal. When paying us directly, the transaction is covered under this privacy policy.

Logging and System Administration

Our operations staff will use IP addresses to monitor all servers, routers, BGP peering sessions, account manager access, and any other IP traffic within our networks. This information may appear in any of our logs during the course of normal systems and network operation.

Spam Reporting

If an account violates Roller Network’s Acceptable Use Policy (most notably for UBE and/or spam) account information may be disclosed for spam reporting purposes.

Outside Links

Pages contained within our websites may contain links to outside sources of information. The Roller Network is not responsible for privacy issues involving linked websites. This privacy policy is limited to Roller Network owned and operated resources only.


Any information contained in our databases or customer files is considered confidential. In the course of normal operations, task-specific information may be made available to or viewed by employees in order to perform a specific job or request.

Passwords for the account manager and other password-protected options are stored as a one-way hash. In the event that a password is lost or forgotten, we are unable to provide password related information. In order to recover a password, account specific information will be required to authenticate the account holder before a new password can be assigned. Automated password recovery is available by providing the account name and account email address we have on file; a new password will be sent to the primary account email address.

In order to release or remove a domain name configured in a Roller Network account, we may require one of the following forms of identity to match to the owner or administrative contact of a domain as shown in “whois”: company authorized signature and contact information from an officer of the company, driver’s license of a privately held registration, or notarized documents. At no time will a technical or billing contact be allowed to request a release. Transfer of ownership for an account (such as accounts registered with the credentials of an ex-employee) will requires a similar procedure. Note: with the enactment of GDPR in March 2018 we understand that “whois” for a given domain name may no longer publish registrant information. While this does not change our policy requiring proof of ownership, GDPR’s impact on “whois” may make it more difficult to provide or verify an ownership claim. The additional burden for proof of ownership is the responsibility of the claimant.

Mail Queue Privacy

Any and all messages contained in the mail queues and spool directories of our SMTP services are considered confidential information, regardless of actual content.


Data contained on a colocated system is considered private and confidential regardless of actual content.

Public Forums

The Roller Network Forums ( are considered public information and are not covered under any privacy policy. Since the forums are open to the public, there are no access restrictions on who may view or post the information contained therein.

PayPal Privacy Policy

The Roller Network provides the option of using PayPal for online payments. As such, we do not control, nor do we have access to in any form, the information required to processes requests collected exclusively through the PayPal service website. For more information on PayPal’s privacy policy, see:

Questions and Clarifications

If after reading this policy you still have questions, concerns, or require additional information, you may contact us through one of the methods listed on our contact page.

Last Updated: 2/9/2021