Cross Connects and Transport

Cross Connects

Singlemode Fiber LC/UPC: $175.00/month

Tahoe Internet Exchange ( $0.00/month

Cat5e Copper (intra-suite only): $175.00/mo

200 South Virginia Transport

Transport to 200 South Virginia (200SV) is available through local partnerships. A cross connect at Roller Network is $175/mo. Additional fees for capacity and building access at 200SV may apply.

On-Net Carriers and Providers

  • Hurricane Electric
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Spectrum (Charter)
  • NetNV

Roller Network’s in-house bandwidth is also available (AS11170). We offer a mix of transit and peering to multiple locations.

Fiber Access

Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint fiber access is available from multiple carriers in our meet me room (MMR). The MMR is a neutral location where customers, peers, ISPs and carriers meet.

Ask your preferred account manager or telecom agent to order a connection to Roller Network. Contact us if you need assistance.


Interconnect with other providers, carriers, and customers through peering at TahoeIX. Visit for more information. Peering is available at Roller Network and 200 South Virginia.

Roller Network (AS11170) peers at TahoeIX, SFMIX, and Any2 California. Peering Information: