Mail Services

Our Mail/DNS services are a bit different. We don’t restrict the number of users, mailboxes, or domains you’re allowed to have, or count messages. We employ a distinct technical approach through our Account Control Center with a focus on tried-and-true SMTP and IMAP/POP3, offering unmatched flexibility that lets you use your account without hidden fees.

Key Features
Account Service Levels
Monthly Price Yearly Price Storage Support * Mail Mirrors IP Address Helpers
Basic $30 Email Only
Personal $5 $50 5GB Email Only 10 5
Personal Plus $11 $110 10GB Email Only 10 10
Standard $22 $264 20GB Email + Phone 50 20
Standard Plus $40 $480 40GB Email + Phone 50 35
Professional $149 $1788 100GB Email + Phone Unlimited Unlimited

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All major features are available on account levels of Personal and above: mail services (incoming, outbound, and hosting) Primary DNS, Secondary DNS, all major mail service controls.

If you’re only looking for SMTP Redirection or Secondary DNS, then the Basic account is just for those two features. To add Outbound Mail (SMTP AUTH) you need Personal or higher.

Service levels of Standard and higher are intended for business users plus include tools that make working with multiple domains easier such as: auto-learn for multiple domains and templates for Primary DNS. Personal Plus and higher adds find-and-replace for Primary DNS and the ability to apply bulk changes to multiple domains for some features.

Additional storage is $0.25 per gigabyte.

If you’re a business user or otherwise expect support during an observed holiday, you will need Standard Plus or Professional. All business accounts should be Standard or higher: there’s no automatic enforcement, but if you contact us for support we’ll require you to upgrade.

* About Support: We strive to answer support tickets submitted by email as quickly as possible for all service levels; however, please keep in mind that we operate in our local time zone (US/Pacific). Opening a support ticket by email is our primary and preferred method of contact.

It’s important to note Roller Network Mail/DNS is self-service and our technical approach means our services may not be suitable for everyone. We recommend creating an account to explore our Account Control Center before subscribing. End user setup support is not available.

Mail Services: Hosting, MX, Filter, Forward, and more…

Our mail services include several different operating modes to meet almost any requirement. We offer Secondary MX, alternate port SMTP Redirection, complete mail hosting solutions, flexible mail forwarding solutions, and a unique “Accept and Hold” mode to pause delivery if you need to work on your server.

Our mail service can act as a complete front-end filter to your existing servers, mail hosting for your domain, or simple backup service. All mail services come standard with three week backup mail queue times. You can view messages in your queue right from our Account Control Center in real time.

To top it all off, you get unlimited mail domains; paying per-domain is a thing of the past with Roller Network. Curious about the details? Read the online documentation for our mail services.

All Roller Network mail services are IPv6 enabled, including the popular Secondary MX and SMTP Redirection services.

Outbound Mail Accounts

Send mail using our servers! Outbound mail (aka “smarthost”) is included on all account levels except Basic. We use standard SMTP AUTH to let you send mail using our server. Our service works with your PDA/Smartphone, roaming mail clients, and mail servers. Our mail submission service allows SSL/TLS, large attachments up to 100MB and flexible usage guidelines. (Learn more…)

Like with our mail services, you get unlimited outbound mail accounts. All of our services can be used independently so you can choose what you need without being forced to use something you don’t.

Note: Roller Network does not allow the outbound mail service to be used for large volume one-way mailing lists (such as for marketing, sales, newsletters, or other list driven mailings). Interactive mailing lists (such as run by Mailman) are acceptable.

Mail Mirroring

All Roller Network accounts include access to Mail Mirroring which allows you to store copies of messages for backups, redundancy, auditing, or emergency access purposes. Mirrored mail is stored in a hosted mail box which allows the backup data to be readily available using IMAP/POP3 or webmail. Mail Mirrors are self-managing. Each mirror can have its own expiration time for deleting old messages to make room for new ones – you decide how long we should keep backup copies.

Hosted Mail Box Accounts

Like the rest of our services, you get unlimited hosted mail boxes that can be accessed using IMAP, POP3, or through our webmail client. Secure TLS/SSL and IMAP IDLE is supported. With Roller Network mail boxes, you’ll never see a “disk full” error – we don’t use quotas on individual mail boxes. (Learn more…)

Mail Forwarding

Our servers can accept mail for your domain and forward it to another address – or mix of hosted and remote addresses – after filtering it. Our forwarding service is SRS compliant and won’t break SPF. Mix and match forwarders to create mail mirroring and simple mailing lists. We’re proud to offer unlimited forwarders at no additional cost. (Learn more…)