Announcements Changes

Mail/DNS Billing Policy Change

Effective immediately we are changing the billing policy for Mail/DNS services to remove the Price Guarantee section. This policy allowed Mail and DNS customers to keep renewing without any price changes as long as services were never allowed to expire.

We will begin retiring all old pricing as currently paid subscription periods end and renewals will be charged current pricing. We understand that this might not be a popular decision, but it is a necessary one due to increases in power and real estate costs over the years.

The last time Mail and DNS prices were updated was in 2016. Due to the price guarantee policy, it only affected new customers and re-added subscriptions after a service had been allowed to lapse.

What if I don’t agree to this policy change?

If you don’t agree with the removal of the Price Guarantee, please be sure to cancel your subscription prior to your next renewal date. You can continue using the service until the end of your current subscription period. You may choose to stop using the services prior to the end of the period you have already paid for if you wish, but no refunds will be given for doing so.

We hope you will continue to support us and understand that developing and supporting these services isn’t free – Roller Network does not get money from placing advertising or marketing using your personal information. Our goal is to remain an ad-free service, which requires 100% of the revenue needed to support our services to come from paying customers.

Announcements Changes

New Feature: DNS Update

We’ve added a new feature to our Primay DNS service: DNS Update (RFC2136) support.

DNS Update enables clients and servers to register DNS domain names and IP address mappings on any DNS server supporting RFC2136 style updates. This method is supported on Roller Network Primary DNS with IP and TSIG access lists. DNS Update access lists are configured per-zone.

DNS Update is available on all account levels except Basic.


Los Angeles POP Shutdown

As of today, October 16, 2023, we have disconnected AS11170 from peering at Any2 West and will shut down our Los Angeles POP at CoreSite LA2. These projects did not generate the kind of interest we had hoped, and we have decided not to renew our contracts for LA2.

Cross connect services will no longer be available to Los Angeles.

Our connection with NTT at LA2 will be retained and converted to a direct transport connection.


Header Tagging Changes

The following header tagging changes are currently being implemented as part of some cleanup work we’re doing.

X-Rollernet-Blacklist will be renamed to X-Rollernet-DenyList to follow a general replacement of the label “blacklist” with “deny list” and “whitelist” with “allow list”.

The X-Rollernet-DNSBL header will be changed to remove the leading “found” if a client IP address was found on a list. The format will be: [client] (in|not in) <list>

The X-Rollernet-DNSBL header will have the return code included with the list name when a client IP is found to be listed.

Client IP addresses in X-Rollernet-* headers will be enclosed in [] brackets; this was not being done consistently.

The X-Rollernet-Abuse header will be modified to only include mailto and https URIs.

The X-Rollernet-Spf header was depreciated years ago and will be removed. SPF results are available in the Received-SPF and Authentication-Results headers.

Announcements Changes

Mail Transfer Allowance Retired

We are retiring “Data Transfer” and transfer allowances on all of our paid Mail/DNS accounts, effective immediately.

The idea of having transfer allowance or transfer limits comes from our early days back when we were using T1 lines for internet access or had to pay usage-based fees to upstream providers.

Now we are a colocation data center where metered bandwidth is a thing of the past. Today’s internet backbone is based on fixed rate bandwidth. We have access to plenty of transit and peering connections, so the concept of limiting or billing for data transfer no longer makes sense.