Header Tagging Changes

The following header tagging changes are currently being implemented as part of some cleanup work we’re doing.

X-Rollernet-Blacklist will be renamed to X-Rollernet-DenyList to follow a general replacement of the label “blacklist” with “deny list” and “whitelist” with “allow list”.

The X-Rollernet-DNSBL header will be changed to remove the leading “found” if a client IP address was found on a list. The format will be: [client] (in|not in) <list>

The X-Rollernet-DNSBL header will have the return code included with the list name when a client IP is found to be listed.

Client IP addresses in X-Rollernet-* headers will be enclosed in [] brackets; this was not being done consistently.

The X-Rollernet-Abuse header will be modified to only include mailto and https URIs.

The X-Rollernet-Spf header was depreciated years ago and will be removed. SPF results are available in the Received-SPF and Authentication-Results headers.

Announcements Changes

Mail Transfer Allowance Retired

We are retiring “Data Transfer” and transfer allowances on all of our paid Mail/DNS accounts, effective immediately.

The idea of having transfer allowance or transfer limits comes from our early days back when we were using T1 lines for internet access or had to pay usage-based fees to upstream providers.

Now we are a colocation data center where metered bandwidth is a thing of the past. Today’s internet backbone is based on fixed rate bandwidth. We have access to plenty of transit and peering connections, so the concept of limiting or billing for data transfer no longer makes sense.

Announcements Changes

Price Increases Effective February 1, 2022

Due to a majority of our suppliers increasing prices for various reasons over the last year, we will be raising some of our prices.

For all new service orders and change orders signed after February 1, 2022, existing customers that are past the end of their term agreement, and month-to-month customers, the following prices will be increasing 5%:

Full Rack Colocation Package

  • Old Price: $949.00
  • New Price: $996.45

Half Rack Colocation Package

  • Old Price: $449.00
  • New Price: $471.45

Shared Space Colocation

  • 1U: $99.00 (No Change)
  • 2U: $109.20
  • 3U: $117.60
  • 4U: $134.40
  • 5U: $145.95
  • 6U: $166.95
  • 7U: $198.45
  • 8U: $229.95
  • 9U: $250.95
  • 10U: $271.95

The included IPv4 subnet for shared space colocations will be changed from a /29 to a /30.

Custom Colocation Package Base Rates

Full Rack Base Rate

  • Old Price: $349.00
  • New Price: $366.45

Half Rack Base Rate

  • Old Price: $180.00
  • New Price: $189.00

Antenna Colocation

List prices for antenna colocation are remaining the same, but any customers currently receiving discounted rates for antenna colocation will be updated to current list price. We will also be normalizing all antenna colocation related charges into one of the three antenna classes; previously we would charge adjusted amounts for accessories.

Discounted Rates Carried Past End-of-Term

Any previously contracted discounts that have remained past the end of their term agreement will be removed, and current list price will be applied.

Work Rates

  • Work Rate (daytime hours): $99/hr
  • Work Rate (after hours or holiday): $199/hr

Prices for add-on items or demand charges – such as power, bandwidth, cross connects, outlets, ports, IP addresses, etc. – will remain unchanged. Setup fees will also remain unchanged.

If you are an existing customer under a term agreement your pricing WILL NOT change: the agreement protects you from price increases for the duration of the term.

Effective February 1, 2022 the new prices shown here supersede all other previously published pricing for the affected services, such as literature that was published prior to this date, quotes, service orders or change orders that are not signed by 5:00pm Pacific time on January 31, 2022, and any other places pricing may be shown that has not been updated due to error or omission.

For agreements that allow a term renewal, this only applies to the services originally contracted. Any new services or changes will be quoted with prices in effect at the time of the request. Renewal option must be exercised before term expiration.

Changes Status

SSL/TLS Changes

We’re going to start turning off TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 per best current practices (BCP 195), and start working on updates to add support for TLSv1.3. Our account control center is first. Other services will be changed as we work on configs or other updates for both web and mail services.

As of early 2020, support for TLS 1.0 and TLSv1.1 has been removed in current versions of major browsers. For more information about the depreciation of TLS1.0/1.1 see:

We’re also changing our ACME client for Let’s Encrypt certificates. We started out using certbot, however certbot is moving to an app store framework (Snap) for future updates and we don’t want to install such things on our servers. So we searched for an alternative ACME client that we liked and settled on dehydrated. For more information on dehydrated visit them on github at:

Announcements Changes

Peering at SFMIX

Now peering at SFMIX in the San Francisco “Silicon Valley” region of California. Roller Network has an open peering policy and we are happy to peer with networks of any size. We’re also on the route servers.