Metro Ethernet Service

Longley Business Park (Reno)

  • 3545 Airway Drive, Reno, 89511
  • 3555 Airway Drive, Reno, 89511
  • 3595 Airway Drive, Reno, 89511
  • 3515 Airway Drive, Reno, 89511

100×100 Metro Ethernet is $50/mo, 500×500 is $100/mo, and Gigabit (1000×1000) is $150/mo. Metro Ethernet services include one static public IPv4 address and IPv6 (DHCPv6 PD).

Tampa Industrial Park (Reno)

  • 2400 Tampa Street, Reno, 89512

100×100 Metro Ethernet is $50/mo and includes one static public IPv4 address and IPv6 (DHCPv6 PD).

Wireless access is available with a 24-hour pass ($5.00), a 7-Day Pass ($15.00), and a 30-Day Pass ($30.00). Dynamic private IP address only.

Other Locations

If you’re located near our colocation data center or within line of sight of our rooftop, you can colocate an antenna on our roof. For more information see our Antenna Colocation page.