Business Internet Access

Roller Network operates an extended licensed microwave network with diversity that brings the unique capabilities of our colocation facility to the front door of businesses in Northern Nevada. These services are ideal for business data, direct connections into our colocation facility, carrier cross connects, MPLS, as backup to an existing service, or connecting to TahoeIX (see Enhanced service level agreements are available on most services. To inquire about service at your location please call us at 775-284-0383 or email with your address and requirements.

Microwave Services

For businesses that are looking for higher service quality and availability requirements Roller Network offers point-to-point microwave based access solutions through our extended network. Please contact us for details as availability is dependent on a clear point-to-point path to our nearest POP. Microwave is only availabe as an FCC licensed service.

Fiber Access

Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint fiber access is available form multiple carriers our datacenter meet me room (MMR). The MMR is a neutral location where multiple providers deliver access to their network. Cross connects to provide a wide range of services are available.

Multihoming Solutions

Would your business benefit from a true multihoming solution with BGP? Roller Network can help you multihome your business with a "Multiple Links, Single IP Address Space" solution with one of our data services plus a second, separate ISP. Multihoming with BGP is a solution for redundancy when internet access is critical to  your business by announcing your IP address space to independent providers. BGP is available on all services.

Carrier Cross Connects

Establish an MPLS cross connect into our colocaiton facility to meet up with one of our on-net carrier. This service can be used to reach a carrier that may not otherwise be available or cost effective to install at your location. Cross connects into TahoeIX (see are also available.

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