BGP Communities

Roller Network is Autonomous System 11170.

BGP is supported on both IPv4 and IPv6. Our minimum accepted and carried prefix lengths are /24 in IPv4 and /48 in IPv6. Customer neighbor configurations will have a prefix-list or distribute-list applied to limit announcements into our network; please submit a support request for changes to BGP filters.

We support BGP communities for customers. By tagging your announcements with specific communities you can dynamically change certain BGP parameters within our network.

Setting the Local Preference

Routes learned from customers and peers will have a higher default localpref than all other prefixes. This will prefer directly connected networks those learned externally and takes precedence over AS path prepending. Setting localpref below 100 may cause an externally learned prefix to be chosen.

11170:90Set localpref to 90
11170:100Set localpref to 100 (default)
11170:110Set localpref to 110 (peer default)
11170:120Set localpref to 120 (customer default)
11170:130Set localpref to 130
Use only one of these communities to set localpref.

Suppressing Announcements

BGP announcements to peers or transit providers can be suppressed without withdrawing the route completely. The well known community “no-export” is also accepted. One or more of the following communities may be used:

65100:6939Do not announce to Hurricane Electric AS6939
65100:2914Do not announce to NTT AS2914
65100:0Do not announce to peers
no-exportDo not announce outside of AS11170
Use one or more of these communities to suppress announcements.

AS Path Prepending

You can prepend your announcements to transit or peers. In all cases, 11170 is the AS prepended.

11170:401Prepends transit 1x
11170:402Prepends transit 2x
11170:403Prepends transit 3x
Use only one of these communities to set AS prepending to transit.
11170:411Prepends peers 1x
11170:412Prepends peers 2x
11170:413Prepends peers 3x
Use only one of these communities to set AS prepending to peers.


Roller Network is not responsible for routing errors or loss of connectivity due to a use of BGP or BGP communities. Please contact us for assistance if needed.