Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Broadband Internet Access

Roller Network has discontinued all Broadband and Basic Wireless Internet services.

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This page is provided for historical reasons, but will be removed in the future.

Roller Network provides service level agreements in the spirit of “it’s our job to provide what we said we would” within reasonable expectations. Equipment installed or provided by Roller Network at the customer location may be periodically inspected to ensure its continued service. Extended service options in the form of a Service Level Agreement or dedicated internet access (DIA) are available.

Without SLA
With SLA
On-Site Visit or Support Incident $99Included $99
On-Site Work Rate $95/hrIncluded Included
After-Hours Work Rate $190/hr$75/hr  $75/hr
PSU Replacement$15 IncludedIncluded 
Radio Replacement$50 Included$1,000 
Service Credits (i.e. downtime) No Yes Yes
Emergency Response2x RatePriorityPriority

Roller Network reserves the right to limit excessive service calls or equipment replacements. On site work incurs On Site Support rate plus minimum one hour of Work Rate. Emergency response (immediate unscheduled on-site service) without SLA doubles all listed rates. Roller Network reserves the right to charge for service requests where no trouble was found. Radio replacement fees may be waived if repairable under the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty.

Emergency ticket response is available on services with a qualifying service level agreement: Roller Network will respond to an emergency ticket request during business hours within one (1) hour of its creation time as noted by our internal ticket tracking system. Emergency tickets must be opened by calling the NOC Hotline number indicated in your account welcome sheet or listed in the account control center. If the one hour window is exceeded, the sole remedy shall be a service credit of 3% for every fifteen (15) minutes delay for the current billing period.

Service credits for downtime on a qualifying event are calculated as the daily rate value of the affected service (monthly recurring cost / 30 days) multiplied by 2. Example: A service at $250/month would be calculated as ($250/30)*2 = $16.67 maximum SLA outage credit per day.

Broadband services (non-microwave) are managed on a reasonable commercial effort basis only and are not covered by any service level agreement (SLA) unless specifically noted. These services are provided through point-to-multipoint unlicensed non-exclusive frequencies in a shared access medium. Radios installed at Roller Network POPs and customer premises employ a dynamic time division multiple access (dynamic TDMA) to moderate shared access between multiple subscribers. Roller Network strives to maximize bandwidth, however broadband customers must recognize that it may not be possible to reach the maximum rate on a continuous basis. Speeds may be impacted by circumstances including but not limited to: excessive packet-per-second rates, concurrent peak demand across customers in the shared medium, interference or noise within the spectrum, or external forces beyond our control. Radio broadband may not be suitable for all streaming or VOIP applications. The scheduling algorithm will attempt to moderate access based on total demand. Customers requiring a higher level of service should consider dedicated internet access.

Microwave services are provided through a point-to-point licensed or unlicensed band full duplex microwave radio in accordance with reasonable commercial efforts as dedicated internet access (DIA). Protection from interference is determined by path licensing from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on licensed bands only.

Fiber transport from a third party carrier with a cross connect is considered a colocation service and is not covered by this policy.

Roller Network seeks to provide a positive experience to all subscribers through proactive monitoring and investing in our core infrastructure.

Scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance with notification are exempt. SLA credits are issued as an invoice adjustment within sixty (60) days of approval. Accounts with a past due or disputed balance or policy violations are not eligible. Credits must be requested in writing within thirty (30) days of the incident.

Last Updated: 10/25/2015