Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Basic Bandwidth

Service Level Agreements must be explicitly included in your Master Service Agreement (MSA) to be applicable to your account or service. Your MSA supersedes all terms and conditions shown here.

This policy is published online for reference only, and such publishing does not constitute an agreement.

Basic Bandwidth (also “Internet Access” or “Metro Ethernet”) is a service provided with reasonable commercial effort, but without any guarantees regarding speed or capacity. Although Roller Network strives to maximize delivered speed, the Customer must recognize that performance may be affected by circumstances including but not limited to: excessive packet-per-second rates, concurrent peak demand, congestion at peering locations, or external forces beyond Roller Network’s control. There are no service credits for speed or capacity.

Latency on Basic Bandwidth is not expected to exceed 1ms within AS11170. Routes through peering or POPs outside of Roller Network’s Reno, NV colocation data center should expect additional latency between 8-14 milliseconds. There are no service credits for latency.

Packet loss on Basic Bandwidth is not expected to exceed an average of 0.01% within AS11170. There are no service credits for packet loss.

Credit for Basic Bandwidth downtime, unless otherwise specified in this SLA, is calculated as $30 per day when Basic Bandwidth is included as part of a package, or the daily rate value of the Basic Bandwidth component of the Monthly Recurring Cost(s) (MRC) of the Services (MRC / 30 days) multiplied by 2. Example: MRC of $200/mo would be calculated as ($200 / 30) * 2 = $13.33 credit per day.

SLA credits are issued as an invoice credit within thirty (30) days of approval. Customer must comply with all colocation rules, policies, practices, and requirements to be eligible for an SLA credit. Accounts with a past due or disputed balance, policy violations, in default, move outs or cancellations are not eligible. Credits must be requested in writing within thirty (30) days of the incident. No cash or refund value for SLA credits. SLA credits cannot be applied to an Early Termination Liability. SLA credits may not exceed the Monthly Recurring Cost.

The following are excluded from this SLA: 1) Scheduled and emergency maintenance events with notification, 2) Month to Month services, 3) Customers with unpaid or past due invoices, disputed charges, or any other default.