Mail: New URIBL Restrictions on SMTP AUTH

Starting on December 19th we’re no longer going to accept mail submitted to our SMTP AUTH system with a URI classified as black, grey, red, or gold on URIBL. These categories contain domains that are either actively used by spammers or found in unsolicited bulk mail. This is currently being treated as a trial change.

The “grey” category is a special case. It contains domains that are used by bulk or commercial mail, which may not be spammers in the strict sense, but are nevertheless against our policy for SMTP AUTH submissions (no bulk or marketing mail).

Our goal is quality of mail through our submission system in order to maintain a high reputation for our customers that depend on us for routine communication. Because we are not a “bulk mail” outfit we are unfortunately unable to accommodate bulk mail use cases, and it would be more appropriate to use the mailer’s service to send bulk mail instead of ours.

If you find you’re having trouble submitting messages after this change, contact support so we can investigate. Marketing-type mail should be sent directly to the intended recipient and not rely on forwarding or resending.

Twitter Outages

Twitter is currerntly suffering from outages today (October 21, 2016) and may be unavailable.

As a reminder our third party hosted status page is at:

SMTP Delivery Trouble to Proofpoint

Yesterday a customer’s compromised outbound accounts (albeit brief) caused our SMTP AUTH server to become blacklisted at Proofpoint. Outbound mail authorization was revoked for that customer in accordance with our policies, however the Proofpoint block lingers.

If you are having trouble contacting someone behind Proofpoint you should encourage them to contact their mail host and/or Proofpoint for resolution. Although we are attempting to reach out ourselves, companies like Proofpoint are more likely to listen to their own customer’s complains about losing legitimate mail than they will listen to us.

As far as we are aware this issue is limited to Proofpoint.

UPDATE : This issue has been resolved as of August 23, 2016.

ACC Update; Primary DNS, PayPal eChecks

An update to the account control center was made live today (Sunday, July 10, 2016) that contains major changes to the Primary DNS section, along with minor fixes to other sections. We’ve run through every change and It’s tested OK for us, but if any problems are observed please contact support so we can fix/debug it. Due to the large number of changes to Primary DNS this has been holding us back from updating other parts of the ACC, but that should be out of the way now.

The other major change relates to PayPal payments: the system will now note eCheck pending payments to invoices and automatically place the invoice on hold until a cleared or failed message is sent from PayPal. This will address the issue of eCheck payments placed too close to the shutoff date for them to clear in time.

Office Voice (Phone) Provider Change Maintenance Notice

Within the next several weeks we’re going to be changing voice service (phone) providers at our office. When it comes time to initiate the number port and reconfigure stuff there will be a short period of time where calls will not complete or could be dropped. Additional information will be posted as updates to this post and on our Twitter account as it becomes available.

The reason for this change is mainly for cost savings; our current provider is raising their prices and we don’t really use the phone enough to justify the increase. However, we still prefer a separate circuit instead of internet-based VOIP because of the nature of our business: if there is an internet related problem on our side that’s the time we are most likely to need the phones. Since we want to keep voice and internet out of the same basket as much as possible we continue to utilize separate voice circuits from a provider that we aren’t also using for transit multihoming.

UPDATE 1: New circuit has been delivered to the MMR. (11/17/2015)

UPDATE 2: Currently scheduled date for the cutover is the afternoon of Monday, November 30th.

UPDATE 3: The migration has been successfully completed.

Note that our alternate number has changed to 775-221-8807 (the old one could not be ported).