Domain Registration

We are occasionally asked if we can do domain registrations or transfers, and yes, we do offer domain registrations as a courtesy service although it’s not something we promote. If you’re interested in registering or transferring your domain name with us, please contact us for current registry prices. We can’t beat pricing of the big shops that sell at a loss and hope you buy their other services, but we can provide you with a better customer service experience.

We offer domain name registration as a value added service for the following TLDs: .com .net .org .biz .info .name .asia .be .ca .cc .de .es .eu .me .mobi .tel .tv .us .at .bz .ch .dk .fr .it .li .mx .nl .cn

Whois privacy is available at no extra charge.

3 replies on “Domain Registration”

You should not be so modest. The registration prices you’re able to offer are quite reasonable. You’re far more competitive than many other service providers. I think you should add domain registration services to your service offerings.

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