New Facility Progress

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any pictures of the build (plus the two and a half week delay from the city on the permit to move walls), so here’s a few pictures from about an hour ago on our current progress.

The telco room is, for the most part, complete. We have the fiber rack of course, but we added some classic circuits (T1, PRI, POTS, etc.) terminating in the room as well. Customers who want to bring in their own POTS, DSL, frame or leased lines are welcome to do so as well and we’ll hand them off to your equipment. The board is still quite empty since none of the wiring out of the room has been installed yet.

P8200063_2 P8200066_2

The server room is coming along quite well. We have half of the overhead racking completed and we’re working on finishing our the rest of it. There’s two layers of overhead space: one for high voltage (UPS circuits) and one for low voltage (Ethernet, telco, etc.). The high voltage level will eventually become home to wire raceways.

P8200060_2 P8200062_2

Many of the ceiling tiles are still out because ductwork for cooling and wiring for the fire system and alarms hasn’t been installed yet. The blue tape on the floor indicates cabinet rows. A keen eye may notice that long run of racks isn’t quite level. We’re waiting until it’s all in place before we spend the time to fine tune it.