New Facility Progress #11


A generator awaiting installation.


The “rollers”, our unofficial mascots that take residence in the server room on top of a router.

DCP_2638[1] DCP_2637

Detail view of the electrical outlet installation. The smallest circuit we offer is 20A at 208VAC in single phase or three phase, but we can easily provide multiple 20 and 30 amp circuits per rack in single phase or three phase for high density racks. (We do not offer 120VAC circuits.)


Detail view of the patchrack. By keeping patch panels out of the racks and using the overhead ladder to route them where they need to be we increase server density and eliminate wasted ports. If high port density per rack is required, top-of-rack switching would be used.


Detailed view of the overhead area. Even though you can’t see this without a ladder, we like to keep everything in order.


Power cord cable management for the router and switch racks.


A view of the server room. What was spread out over five racks in the old facility was consolidated into two racks (not counting the two-post racks to the right). The extra space will be offered for colocations and dedicated servers and we will continue installing racks to fill the room. The yellow cables hanging out of the wire management on the right indicate temporary cabling.

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Hi, very interesting. Thanks!

Could you let me know which is the brand of the patchrack located in the overhead ladder?


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