Verizon Update: Contact!

We finally have a Verizon account manager for the first time since we last heard from our original account manager on August 3. While the IPv6 issues are not resolved, we’re trying to put a rush on the fixes we needed to be made back in August so we can at least have some basic connectivity while Verizon performs an engineering assessment with regards to IPv6. To replace the circuit would take another 3 to 6 months to get new fiber brought in, so we’re going to stick with it and see what the results of the engineering assessment are.

The fiber we have is Verizon-provided but our ILEC is AT&T which means that nobody but Verizon can use it. Back in the 90’s a company called Brooks Fiber installed a whole bunch of fiber in Reno. They were bought by MCI and MCI/UUNet eventually became Verizon Business. While we are technically in a lit building because it already had a fiber on the property, it’s a light industrial park and there was no equipment that could carry our order and a new OC-12 was installed to our telco room.