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Colocation, Hosting Delays, and the Holiday Season

If you’ve been keeping up on our newspipe you’ll know that the long story of delays with Verizon continues. We were informed yesterday (Dec 22.) that the circuit was ready, however it still does not need our basic requirements (IPv4/IPv6 dual stack). This is continuing to impact our ability to expand our colocation, dedicated servers, and hosting options.

As such, we have decided to enact a backup plan and bring in an additional circuit from Sprint so we can get back to business with a predictable timeline. The installation interval should be about 60 days plus we have requested an expedite on the order. As we’ve been a Sprint customer for 5 years and already have existing service with them, we do not expect the same problems that have plagued our attempt at obtaining service with Verizon. Furthermore, we are pleased to report that Sprint’s IPv6 offering is moving to their native network after we’ve been on their test network for the last 4 years. As soon as we have more information from Sprint we will share it here.

Again, we apologize for the delays and problems we’ve faced beyond our control in not meeting our original October/November 2009 opening of the new facility.

As today is December 24 this will be our last post on the newspipe for 2009. We’re going to take it easy for the next week so we can recharge and regroup for what lies ahead. As many of you (and us) are on vacation, holiday, or spending the new year with family and friends, we will be operating on a reduced schedule. Technical support will still be available. See you in 2010!