AT&T Fiber Installation, Part 2

AT&T arrived this morning to pull the fiber. The next step is for for splicer to come out.

AT&T Fiber in our telco room.
24 strand fiber optic cable.

Feb. 8 Update

AT&T splice van across the street.

Feb. 9 Update

Splicing vans in our parking lot.

AT&T is working at the last manhole in our parking lot today, so we’re guessing they’re going to be getting to our telco room shortly.

Feb. 9 Update #2

AT&T came over to terminate the fiber in our telco room, but apparently a subcontractor was supposed to have already placed a rack for them, which didn’t happen. After a few calls it was determined they will be here on Tuesday, Feb. 16 Wednesday, Feb. 17. (The date was moved back on Feb. 12.)