New Circuit from Global Crossing

We have no idea why there is such a lack of progress with Verizon, so we ordered a short term 6M multilink T1 circuit with Global Crossing as a band-aid. While we are keenly aware that it has no hope of fully taking over from a complete failure of our high capacity circuits, the idea is at least we won’t be completely off the air. It also brings something important to the table on its own: native IPv6. Global Crossing, while one of the more expensive providers, is well known for IPv6 support.

Over time, we will most likely replace it with one of their Ethernet offerings (if available) or at least another DS3. The multiple DS1 circuits simply have the shortest install time frame to our mux. If the Verizon circuit ever does get installed, we’ll probably never dare to make a change lest we wait a year for it to happen.