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Bug in “Mail Server” Type Outbound Accounts

We recently announced several major new features for our Outbound Mail service. The new mirroring and BCC options necessitated a major rewrite of the account control center interface in addition to the server-side processing. The rewrite was based on the original implementation as described in the online documentation, but a bug was discovered in the old version that allowed the source filter to be removed for “mail server” outbound types after it was added (entering a source filter was always required during the add process).

Connection source filters are only mandatory on mail server type accounts; filters for the other two types (single address and single domain) are optional.

Upon further research we discovered that there were only 24 mail server outbound accounts that are missing the required source filtering. We have notified these account holders individually of the bug, so if you didn’t get a email directly from us, your account is not affected. This post is in the interest of full disclosure rather than sweeping the problem under the rug.

This requirement will be enforced starting May 22, 2010. After this date, mail server type accounts that are missing a source filter will return the error “An IPv4 address or host filter is required for this submission type.” We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact technical support if you require assistance.

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