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Invoice Numbering Change

We’re changing the format of our invoice numbers to make them friendlier for our customers. For a long time we’ve used the format “Rxxxxxx” where the R was followed by a unique identifier. In practice, however, it’s not the most popular format: it’s long, contains letters, and it’s hard to read back over the phone. As such, invoices will now be generated using a simple number as their invoice ID.

  • Old Format: #R4c1a8a99b4ada
  • New Format: #10000

Our testing hasn’t turned up any problems, but there’s always a chance when making a change to a very old system that something can be overlooked. If you notice any problems with these new numbers please let us know immediately. Thanks!

2 replies on “Invoice Numbering Change”

I suppose in a way it has. The old numbers were base-16 and the new ones are base-10. It was the inclusion of a-f that tripped up most other accounting systems.

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