Changes: SpamAssassin, Slow Delivery, New Billing Notice

We have a couple minor changes to announce:

  • We have upgraded our incoming mail server pool to use the latest version of SpamAssassin, version 3.3.1. While it was released earlier this year, we use some custom modules (such as our unified Bayes database) that required additional testing.
  • The “SMTP Redirection (Lookup Record)” service mode now supports Slow Delivery. This change was requested by a customer and required us to add a new transport to our Postfix servers to distinguish it from the direct delivery and MX variants.

And finally, we have made a billing addition: the automated system will now send a 24 hour disconnect notice when a Mail/DNS account is about to be downgraded to a free account. Previously, the automated system sent up to 4 notices/reminders to monthly levels and up to 5 for yearly levels. This change will add one more notice before an account is downgraded. Should this prove to be unpopular we will revisit it; we always try to keep email to a minimum.

And that’s all for now. We hinted at a big announcement on the 3rd, but this wasn’t it so keep watching!