IPv6 Status

Global Crossing IPv6 Trouble

An issue with a customer’s IPv6 access was brought to our attention this morning. After some basic testing, it was apparent the traceroutes were stopping at our Global Crossing PE router (provider side) and we opened a trouble ticket with them to investigate.

A few hours later we discovered that the RIPE website was unreachable. Although the traceroute out indicated it was leaving our network via Sprint, we suspected the return traffic was trying to reach us via Global Crossing. After withdrawing our route announcements to GC we were able to reach RIPE and the customer who origionally brought the issue to our attention.

As this time we are waiting for a resolution on our trouble ticket with Global Crossing regarding this issue.

UPDATE [2011-03-06]: Global Crossing acknowledges that some recent MPLS changes in their network had caused our IPv6 to be null routed. They reverted the most recent changes and connectivity was restored. We will continue to monitor the situation.