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IPv6 Public NTP Servers

Roller Network is pleased to announce the availability of two public NTP servers available over IPv6. Do you have IPv6? Now there’s one more thing you can do: set your clock with it!

The Roller Network Public NTP servers are:


These servers are physically located in Reno, Nevada, United States. By using these servers you agree to configure your NTP client according to the Open Access Time Server Guidelines.

With our low latency IPv6 native network core and IPv6 native dual-stacked transit providers, Roller Network can provide IPv6 connectivity at the same quality of service as IPv4 – there are no tunnels of any kind in our network. If you find this service useful please consider supporting Roller Network by using any of our paid-for services.

Disclaimers: This is a public service with no warranty and no guarantees. All forms of known and unknown abuse are prohibited. We reserve the right to define abuse at our discretion. Do not use “burst”. Do not configure using IP addresses. Do not hardcode our DNS names or IP addresses. No IPv4 access. We simply ask everyone to respect the service so we can continue to offer it.

3 replies on “IPv6 Public NTP Servers”

Few questions:
– What stratum are these servers?
– Is iburst allowed (the most restrictive NTP servers seem to allow it)?
– Are they synced to an independent source each? (ie. they don’t sync from the same upstream)
– What kind of servers are they running on? (hardware, OS, source configuration [PPS, etc (if any)]; mostly curiosity here)

They are stratum 2 servers: they peer with eachother, two other internal NTP servers, and three upstream clocks, but the three upstreams are identical. There is no local clock source (GPS, etc.). One of them is an Atom 330 and the other a Dell PowerEdge 850. All of the internal peers are real hardware since the clock drift on VMs is unacceptable. All of our servers run Debian.

The “iburst” option is fine, just not “burst”. These servers were already available to our colocation and dedicated server customers internally on a different IP address, we just opened an additional IPv6 address to public access. At some point in the future we may add a local PPS source via GPS or similar.

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