File Into Folders with Hosted Mail Extensions

A question came across the forums last week about address extensions ( not working because it wasn’t filing into folders automatically based on the extension part. They do work, but that anticipated behavior is actually a modified one rather than standard, but such a thing can be accomplished with Roller Network hosted mail boxes and a quick Sieve script:

require ["fileinto", "variables"];

if header :matches "Delivered-To" "user+*" {
  fileinto "${1}";
else {

Add this using the managesieve online interface (or managesieve plugin that allows direct entry), replacing “user” and “” with entries appropriate to your hosted mail box. This script will automatically file anything with an extension into a folder of the same name or default to INBOX if there wasn’t an extension.

We have been considering adding this functionality as a per-mailbox account control center option, but a Sieve script will quickly do the job just the same without having to wait for us.