Credit Card Processor Trouble (RESOLVED)

Our credit card processor is having some unexplained trouble; we are seeing a “500 internal server error” from their gateway since we were made aware of it around 10:00 UTC-7 this morning. At this time we do not have any explanation or acknowledgement from them as to the nature of the problem.

We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible including the possibility of changing processors.

UPDATE (April 9 @ 08:49): Our credit card processor gateway is returning “500 internal server error” without any explanation. We are now working to change processors since tech support from our current merchant account provider has been unresponsive.

UPDATE (April 9 @ 10:35): We have set up a new merchant account with Wells Fargo which should be active tomorrow afternoon, April 10.

UPDATE (April 9 @ 10:35): We have placed service holds on billing for all current Roller Network accounts.

UPDATE (April 9 @ 16:07): We are still seeing “500 internal server error”. We are working under the assumption that the current gateway won’t be fixed before the one we’re switching to is ready.

UPDATE (April 10 @ 08:37): The error is still being returned; we are temporarily allowing PayPal payments without a PayPal account as an alternative. We are in the process of switching to a new card processor this afternoon at the earliest.

UPDATE (April 11): Our current merchant account provider has responded requesting further details; unfortunately there is still no solution to the “500 internal server error” responses. Some requests are being accepted successfully, however we are still seeing “500 internal server error” intermittently across all card types.

UPDATE (April 13 @ 11:00): We are now waiting for our new merchant account to finish activation.

UPDATE (April 13 @ 11:53): We are now configuring and testing the new gateway.

RESOLUTION: We have changed to a new credit card processing gateway as of April 13 @ 13:00UTC-7. Contact technical support if you experience any ongoing errors with payments. Additionally, we can now accept Discover cards.