What We’re Working On for June

You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here lately, but that’s not because we disappeared or anything. We’ve actually been working on adding new features to Primary DNS that have turned into a much larger project that originally planned.

AXFR support to Primary DNS is coming, which means adding more settings to its section in the account control center, but when we got down to it things were getting a bit too crowded and confusing in that section. So we decided to organize a bit by adding some jQuery and jQuery UI to help us so we can concentrate on features and not spend a lot of time with design (hey, we’re not designers). It’s a little bit of modernization that we hope won’t be the end of the world, but makes it easier to handle new features and work with existing ones. A preview teaser is included below.

We know the font sizes and colors don’t all match up and the main menu bar is supposed to be centered, but we’ll tackle that later. And we have been careful to do things in a way that still works if JavaScript is disabled (or not available i.e. command line browsers in an emergency), although it won’t be as streamlined. Anyway, back to work!