Announcements Changes

New Default DNSBLs: ivmSIP and ivmSIP/24

On the heels of our previous announcements we have two more DNSBLs that we’re adding to the default list: ivmSIP and ivmSIP/24. These are available individually as “sip.invaluement.local” and “sip24.invaluement.local” through the account control center DNSBL settings. If you’re not using our default list you’ll need to add them to your configuration in order to take advantage of them. In our test phase we observed excellent results and decided to roll them out officially.

There’s also a new URI DNSBL to compliment content scanning: ivmURI. This has been added to SpamAssassin as INVALUEMENT_URI and INVALUEMENT_IP_URI. The DNSBL tests also have corresponding content tests: RCVD_IN_IVMSIP and RCVD_IN_IVMSIP24.