Announcements Changes

No New Dedicated Servers

Roller Network will no longer be offering new dedicated servers as a service option. We came to this decision after much thought over the work we have to put in to keeping the price/parts list up to date and hardware on hand compared to the actual number of dedicated server customers. We also had an issue with customers ordering a dedicated server and disappear after only paying a month or two of their term, leaving us unable to recover those costs. After putting these together it unfortunately no longer made sense for us to continue going down that path.

We want to stress that while we are no longer taking orders for new dedicated servers that all customers that currently have a dedicated server will continue to be supported under their original term agreement, although we will no longer be able to offer upgrades. At the end of their current term we will offer the following options:

  • Convert the dedicated server into a colocation and transfer the hardware to the customer,
  • Continue supporting it as a dedicated server for as long as we have spare parts to do so,
  • Or discontinue service to seek a new provider.

There are no immediate changes that our current dedicated server customers will notice. The option to convert to colocation will, in most cases, result in a lower monthly cost. The only visible change in the account control center will be the retirement of the “dedicated servers” section and moving them under “colocation services” while retaining a dedicated server identifier.

We appreciate those that have a dedicated server and chose Roller Network for their service needs, and those that worked with us to create billing arrangements in times of hardship rather than abandoning their accounts. Please direct all questions to us by email at the normal support address.