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Primary DNS Major Updates and New Features

Roller Network is pleased to announce the release of our newly updated Primary DNS service with several new features and an all new look. The new major features are:

  • Templates (Personal Plus and higher).
  • TSIG signed request support.
  • Per-zone AXFR support.
  • Added the SSHFP DNS record type.
  • New layout using jQuery UI.

And enhancements:

  • All record types can now be edited.
  • Any default records can now be edited or deleted (defaults are now a template).
  • Added AAAA records to the default template.
  • Check that CNAME doesn’t exist with other records when adding a record.
  • SOA SERIAL can be date-formatted or simple integer auto increment.
  • SOA MNAME can now be changed.
  • Many UI and functionality refinements.

We also had to switch to a new jQuery plugin-based main menu across the entire account control center because the old one broke when combined with jQuery UI. It’s much cleaner in the back end and requires less code, which is something that should have happened anyway, but unfortunately was one of those unexpected things that took extra time to deal with.

You may also notice a “DNSSEC” tab if you look closely; we haven’t enabled DNSSEC support just yet because we didn’t want to keep delaying these updates, but we’re working on it.

The new layout is based on jQuery and jQuery UI but does not strictly depend on it for core functionality. It should still work even in text-only command line browsers in a pinch. This new Primary DNS interface is a major visual change for us, mainly because it was impractical to cram all of the new features into the old static layout. We already sprinkled some jQuery into the colocation section, but the Primary DNS section will have a wider audience for feedback. Over time we plan to push this style of interface to all sections of the account control center.