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Facility UPS Maintenance

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UPDATE 2014-03-16: UPS maintenance successfully completed!

We are working on scheduling an upcoming facility UPS maintenance and start-up with Eaton to take place on Sunday, March 16th. no earlier than 17:00 Pacific time Friday, March 14. We have requested March 15th or 16th, or the following weekend (21st after 17:00 or 22nd, 23rd). Once we have a firm date and time we will publish a facility maintenance notification online and direct to customers by email. We are also planning to provide live updates during the procedure.

Earlier this year we purchased another Eaton UPS to bus-tie into the existing parallel/redundant tie panelboard. This will add another 30kVA of capacity to the system and allow us to finish selling the remaining colocation space in Phase I with the goal of reaching “sold out” status. However, to tie in another unit requires a factory technician to commission the new UPS on site and placing the existing system into bypass for a short time. There is also a risk of start up failure on the newly installed unit, as with any untested piece of equipment. At this time the new unit is installed and fully wired with input/output breakers open, waiting for start up.

UPDATE: This is scheduled for all day Sunday, March 16th.

UPDATE: We will update this post as needed during the event and possibly live-tweet it. You can follow @rollernetnv on Twitter or watch the feed on