ActiveSync Push Mail Service

For a few years now we’ve had a stealth ActiveSync push service available. It’s existence has been buried in the forums, if you were looking. But now we’d like to give it a wider announcement. ActiveSync support is available with hosted email boxes. The main reasons why we’re not charging for access to this feature are:

  1. We’re simply using the open source Z-Push project to provide ActiveSync support.
  2. Z-Push is stock: we haven’t made any Rollernet specific changes to the original source code.
  3. You could just load Z-Push on your own server, we’re just hosting it on our infrastructure.

Since we’re not making this a extra cost feature that also means it doesn’t have any special support to go with it. If it doesn’t work for you there’s probably not much we can do about it other than clean your ActiveSync profile from the server. We are aware of it working successfully for many customers with complaints limited to things Z-Push simply doesn’t support.

In the future if we do any of our own development work or Rollernet specific enhancements to Z-Push it will most likely become a paid add-on feature. Or if it becomes popular enough that we need to dedicate infrastructure resources to it (since infrastructure isn’t free). But for now, it’s available at no additional cost for all paid accounts.

If you’ve read all of this you’re probably wondering how to use it. It’s simple; just add a new ActiveSync/Exchange account on your device with the following settings:

Server Name:
Domain: (leave blank)
Use your IMAP mail box login name and password as normal.

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